Quickie Reviews #5



I finally saw this masterpiece and it did not disappoint. And here’s the thing about my reviews, they’re all very subjective. I’m expressing an opinion here, and most of the time it’s done shortly after seeing/playing the thing I’m reviewing, so I haven’t always had time to let things sink in. So on the grand scheme of things, Sharknado is a bad sci-fi movie that got a lot of attention for it’s premise. But for me, this hit all of the right buttons to be a great B-movie. There are flying sharks, after all.

My only real complaint is about the effects. They’re never good, that’s true, but they’re also rarely bad in a funny way. In fact, some of them “particularly the ferris wheel” are almost competent for such a low budget. I’m not sure if the movie would have benefited from more classic, cheesy B-movie effects, but I don’t think it would have hurt. As it stands, the effects are almost always forgettable, and the lame looking sharks don’t really add to the hilarity.

There were so many great set piece moments that I can’t even relive them here for fear of missing something, but if you like the “MegaCroc VS DynoBot” kind of SyFy channel movies, this one is definitely the best I’ve seen in a long time.

-it’s a tornado of sharks
-why do you need another reason to see this?

-“meh” effects
-Tara Reid looks rough as hell


Parenthood – Season One

My fiance got me into this show, so blame her. There were multiple occasions where I would be doing something in the living room and I’d walk by the bedroom only to see her watching this show and sobbing. So, of course, it sounded like something I would love… (that was sarcasm, by the way). But, in the absence of Breaking Bad, we needed something to watch together, so I figured this was as good as anything else. And I was kind of surprised by just how good it really is.

First off, the acting all around is top notch. The eldest brother and sister are the “main characters” but it’s an ensemble show through and through. That does lead to some of the supporting characters getting lost in the fray from time to time, but everyone gets a moment in almost every episode. At times it can be tough to watch, though. People in real life make selfish decisions from time to time, and they make mistakes on a daily basis. But when you’re watching a TV show with characters you’re invested in, it’s almost harder to see them screw up because you can’t be there to offer them advice. That can be frustrating, but that’s also part of what makes this show so compelling.

I’ve heard people call Parenthood (Modern Family without the humor) and that’s kind of a true sentiment. There are definitely funny moments to be had, but the real meat of the show is when two or more of the adult characters have a serious scene together. It’s then that the acting and writing shine. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I teared up half a dozen times in the first season alone. The stuff with Adam and Max gets me every time…

-great ensemble cast
-Aspergers plot line is heartbreaking

-can be melodramatic at times
-Jabar’s mom is very unlikable


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