The Shea Hates Everything Podcast – Episode 74

It’s our Summer Game Fest reaction episode! But that’s not all. We also react to the biggest games from Xbox, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Devolver, and the litany of smaller showcases. And as a bonus, we walk you through our favorite demos from Steam Next Fest and do a quick catch up on other things we’ve been playing (and reading) lately. Like the titles says, this one has all the video games.


(00:00:10) Intro and Today I Hate

(00:02:59) Episode Agenda

(00:08:18) June Game Club: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

(00:19:07) Alan Wake 2 DLC

(00:24:32) Pepper Grinder

(00:34:22) Aska

(00:41:22) Still Wakes the Deep

(00:49:45) Chained Together

(00:53:39) Steam Next Fest Demos

(01:59:29) Star Wars Books

(02:09:41) Guerrilla Collective

(02:31:24) Summer Games Fest

(03:32:01) Day of the Devs

(03:35:05) Devolver Direct

(03:40:09) Future of Play

(03:41:45) Wholesome Direct

(03:44:29) Future Games Show

(03:51:07) Xbox Showcase

(04:33:28) PC Gaming Show

(04:37:28) Ubisoft Forward

(04:49:35) Nintendo Direct

(05:03:59) Emails

(05:17:53) July Game Releases

(05:22:16) July Game Club Reveal

(05:23:26) Today I Don’t Hate and Peace Out

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