About Me

I’m not really sure what to say about myself, to be honest. I have no problem expressing my opinions, but when it comes to me, I’m kind of at a loss.

My name is Shea, obviously. And I should probably be safe and clarify that I’m a dude, considering most people I’ve met that share my name are women. I enjoy writing, though I’ve only taken a handful of writing classes. I originally started a blog thanks to the advice of my girlfriend (now my wife). I’ve always been opinionated, and I was seeking a creative outlet at the time, so it seemed like a perfect fit. I’m an actor/writer in my freetime, currently in the process of developing a television series with some guys I met in Atlanta, where I’ve lived for six years now. The show is called Dream Writers, and it’s pretty great. I work in marketing to pay the bills.

As I said, I’m married, and we have a dog named Beemer who’s basically the best dog ever. I’m sure you’ll read about him from time to time. Aren’t dogs the best? It doesn’t matter what you do or say, they’re always happy to see you. It’s like receiving a little gift every single day.

Alright, well I’m clearly rambling in order to continue avoiding talking about myself, so I’ll wrap this up. Since I’m so damn opinionated, and that’s sort of the foundation of this website, I’ll tell you more about myself through my opinions. Here are some of my favorite things:

Color: Brown
Video Game Consoles: Playstation 2, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, NES
Video Games: Bioshock, Skyrim, Super Mario World, Minecraft, Kingdom Hearts
Video Game Series: Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Mass Effect
Video Game Developers: Naughty Dog, Bethesda, Insomniac, Nintendo
Comedy Movies: Superbad, Liar Liar, Shaun of the Dead
Dramatic Movies: The Empire Strikes Back, Gladiator, Mission: Impossible
Animated Movies: Emperor’s New Groove, A Bug’s Life, Aladdin, Shrek
Comedy TV Shows: Seinfeld, The Office, Scrubs, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Dramatic TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Band of Brothers, Sons of Anarchy
Animated TV Shows: The Simpsons, South Park, Venture Bros, Futurama
Actors: Jim Carrey, Matt Damon, Sam Rockwell, Christian Bale, Ian McKellan
Actresses: Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman
Comics: Saga, Sex Criminals, Avengers, Batman, Star Wars
Superheroes: Moon Knight, Green Arrow, Spider-Man, Batman, Green Lantern
Bands: Motion City Soundtrack, Muse, Foo Fighters, Blink-182, Dashboard Confessional
Things: Star Wars, Pizza, Hoodies, Superheroes, Video Games, Acting

So, that’s me in a nutshell. Enjoy the site.