A Scientific Ranking of the Original 151 Pokemon


Do you want to be the very best, but don’t have a lot of free time? Do you want to catch ’em all, but you’re just kind of lazy? Well, if you’re a busy trainer with no patience to catch all 151, I am here to help. I’ve put together a fool-proof, indisputable, scientific ranking of the original 151 Pokemon. Each Pokemon is assigned a score (out of 50), and then ranked as such. Each is scored a number in the following categories:

Name – How cool the Pokemon’s name is, and how well it fits their design. Points deducted for bad puns or lazy, derivative names. (scored out of 10)
Design – How cool the design of the Pokemon is, and how it fits the attempted aesthetic and elemental type. Additional points for uniqueness. (scored out of 10)
Video Game – How useful the Pokemon is in the handheld games, with some consideration given for rarity, difficulty to catch, and in game sprite design. (scored out of 10)
Trading Card – General design of the Pokemon on the different available cards, with some consideration given to the usefulness and rarity of the card. (scored out of 5)
TV Show – How often the Pokemon appears in the anime show, and how prominent a role the Pokemon plays. Movie appearances are also included. (scored out of 5)
X Factor – This is a bit of a catch all, scoring the popularity of the Pokemon, its lasting appeal and representation of the Pokemon brand, and the overall awesomeness of each Pokemon. (scored out of 10)

As you can see, there are many different categories, so no one could possibly argue with my scoring. For ties (of which there are many), I make the final call for the rankings. I tried to think about how most people would rank the ties, but it’s my list and so sometimes I did what I wanted. Deal with it. I’ll list out each individual score in each individual category for each individual Pokemon, as well as each Pokemon’s final score (out of 50). I also kept all of them to 10 Pokemon per page so that you don’t have to scroll forever. This is a long post, so don’t miss anything! Take a look at the poor Pokemon that ended up dead last as an example, and share the post if you enjoyed!

151. Exeggcute

It’s a freaking pile of rotten looking eggs, and the name is hard to pronounce and spell. One of them is even cracked. Is that one dead? There isn’t much to love here.

Name – 2/10
Design – 2/10
Video Game – 2/10
Trading Card – 2/5
TV Show – 2/5
X Factor – 1/10
Total – 11/50

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