The Shea Hates Everything Podcast – Episode 68

Sorry for missing a month! Being sick with sick kids sucks. But Shea and Kyle are back with a super-packed episode full of new games, new news, and new things to make fun of.


(00:00:11) Intro and Today I Hate

(00:03:49) Programming Update

(00:07:25) Episode Agenda

(00:10:47) October Game Club Game: Cocoon

(00:29:33) November Game Club Game: Jusant

(00:50:49) Pokemon Violet

(01:01:06) The Invincible

(01:05:27) Star Ocean: Second Story R

(01:12:57) Super Mario Wonder

(01:25:21) Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

(01:35:54) Starfield

(01:46:08) Robocop: Rogue City

(01:53:34) Mob Factory, Backpack Hero, Outpath, Vintage Story, Minecraft Vault Hunters

(02:19:00) Spider-Man 2

(02:39:04) Alan Wake 2

(03:26:42) News

(04:47:40) Emails

(05:09:53) December Game Releases and December Game Club Game Reveal

(05:18:03) Today I Don’t Hate and Peace Out

Tune in January 1 for even more video game goodness and be sure to check out our 2023 Games That Suck podcast on December 18! Send your emails to and subscribe on your podcast service of choice. Peace out!

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