The 50 Best PS3 Games of All Time


Hello everyone and welcome to my top 50 PS3 games of all time! In this series of posts, I will be breaking down my 50 favorite games of the PS3 era, once a week, ten at a time. But before we begin the countdown, let me break down my criteria for this list.

1. I don’t play games for a living, and I certainly don’t get paid to talk about them (on the Internet or otherwise), so it would be impossible for me to play everything that comes out. With that in mind, I’ll only be including games that I’ve played, not games that are just supposed to be really good.

2. These aren’t only PS3 exclusive games. I thought about making that kind of list, but seeing as we’re talking about the last 8+ years in gaming, it seemed like a good idea to include as many games as possible.

3. This is, however, specifically a PS3 list, because that’s where I spent most of my gaming time this past generation. I could include some 360 games and some Wii games, but I didn’t play enough of them across the board to have a fair list. You can see my previous “Top 10 Games per Year” posts if you want more platform exclusive opinions.

4. I won’t be making a distinction between games available on typical disc format or through download only. We’ve reached a point in gaming technology and development where downloadable games don’t have the stigma of being “lesser” experiences than traditional disc games, so they should all be judged on equal footing.

5. No penalty or benefit will be given to a game for being a console exclusive or multi-platform. All games are treated equally under the Constitution of Shea’s Gaming Opinions.

6. Each game will be listed separately and judged on it’s own, not as part of a series. I could fit more games on the list if I only included one game from a series or just listed the whole series as one game, but every game is different and should be judged as such. And the quality of games in a series can vary wildly (as you’ll see in this list), so it wouldn’t be fair to punish a game for having a bad sequel, for example.

7. Most importantly, these are my opinions, and my opinions alone. If you disagree with a particular game or specific ordering, kindly let me know in the comments and tell me what you would have done instead. (I’m only partially being sarcastic. Do let me know any reactions in the comments, I’d love to initiate a discussion, but be prepared for me to troll you if you decide to be a whiny pants.)

Great Games I Haven’t Played


Dark Souls

Far Cry 3

Heavy Rain

Metal Gear Solid 4

Ni No Kuni

Red Dead Redemption

Valkyria Chronicles

Honorable Mentions

Assassin’s Creed

Battlefield 4


*Special Note


I can’t in good conscience put Skyrim on this list because of all the technical issues that plagued it on PS3. Just know that all things being equal (and if I was including my PC gaming experience), Skyrim would easily be my favorite game of the generation. You all should appreciate how difficult this was for me.

Now, on to the list!

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