The Shea Hates Everything Podcast – Episode 0


Episode 0 – Introducing The Shea Hates Everything Podcast

I’ve always been an opinionated person, and I’ve never been afraid to share those opinions. My brother, Kyle, can attest to this.

I’m also a harsh critic, which has led to friends saying that I hate everything. So, when I started a website about video games, movies, television, and pop culture, I decided to name it Shea Hates Everything. You know, to spite them.

On this podcast, my co-host Kyle and I will talk about the most important things in life and why they sometimes suck. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t. But one thing is for sure… I’m always right.

In this, the pre-premiere episode, hear some clips from the first few full episodes of the Shea Hates Everything podcast.

The Shea Hates Everything Podcast provides 100% correct (and sarcastic) opinions on video games, movies, television, books, comics, and other sh*t that matters. Send your emails to and be sure to subscribe on your podcast service of choice!



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