The Shea Hates Everything Podcast – Episode 69

Welcome to 2024! New year, same ridiculously long podcast full of video game news, hot takes, and sarcasm. This month, we also prepare for our Games That Don’t Suck podcast by looking back at our favorite games of the year across categories like Best Looking, Best Character, and Games We Wish We Liked More the Most.


(00:00:10) Intro and Today I Hate

(00:06:31) Episode Agenda

(00:10:02) December Game Club: Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

(00:25:30) Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

(00:42:25) House Flipper 2

(00:47:00) Super Mario Wonder

(00:54:06) Spider-Man 2

(01:08:11) While the Iron’s Hot

(01:13:45) Dave the Diver

(01:21:18) Sea of Stars

(01:25:29) Born of Bread

(01:29:36) Lethal Company

(01:37:31) For the King 2

(01:42:45) The Last of Us: Part II

(01:48:26) Cyberpunk 2077

(01:53:39) Halo on Paramount+

(02:01:13) 2023 Superlatives

(02:02:30) Best Looking Games

(02:30:38) Best Worlds

(02:45:55) Best Stories

(03:00:59) Best Characters

(03:18:50) Coolest Mechanics

(03:34:03) Most “Don’t Do That Anymore”

(03:43:37) Games We Wish We Liked More the Most

(03:51:40) Games We’re Bummed We Didn’t Play

(03:57:08) The Game Awards Recap

(04:25:41) Other News

(04:44:24) Hate of the Week

(04:53:56) Emails

(05:00:41 January Game Releases

(05:03:10) January Game Club Reveal

(05:04:33) Today I Don’t Hate and Peace Out

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