Games That Don’t Suck – 2023

Some games are good. A lot of games aren’t. Shea and Kyle depart on a podcast journey through time and space (mostly time) to tell you, with an unearned level of authority, which games don’t suck.

In this episode, the brothers get sauced (and saucey) “trying to try” talking about some of their favorite games from 2023. It’s our Game of the Year podcast, kind of!


(00:00:00) Intro and Format and Disclaimers

(00:11:40) Alan Wake 2

(00:17:38) Baldur’s Gate 3

(00:26:17) Cocoon

(00:31:04) Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

(00:36:20) Dead Space

(00:39:37) Dredge

(00:44:15) Hi-Fi Rush

(00:47:10) Hogwarts Legacy

(00:54:57) Remnant 2

(01:03:21) Shadows of Doubt

(01:09:25) Sons of the Forest

(01:19:15) Witchfire

(01:27:38) Super Mario Bros. Wonder

(01:29:37) Spider-Man 2 and Star Wars Jedi Survivor

(01:39:00) Trimming the Short List

(01:57:00) Ordering the Top Five

(02:10:00) The Top Five Games That Don’t Suck of 2023

(02:11:33) Wrap Up and Peace Out

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